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Sports Scientist
BSc Exercise & Sports Science
Edith Cowan University

Cejay is not your usual boy next door kicking balls around his neighbourhood. Being extremely competitive, he started playing basketball and competed at a school and league level. Cejay sees challenges as beehives full of honey to a bear and this philosophy soon led him to competitive dragon boating. He achieved national glory when he represented Singapore in the 2010 Asian games. Boundaries do not exist to him and his hunger steered him to compete Singapore National Bodybuilding for 3 consecutive years. Throughout all the training he went through, Cejay has developed his own kind of exercise through experience and makes sure exercises are executed with good form as safety is his top priority.  He holds a degree in sports science from ECU and has coaching experience in outdoor training, muscle building and wellness during his stint in Perth. With his history of strength and conditioning during his rowing days combined with his vast knowledge in physiology, he will definitely boost this team's ability and aim to deliver quality training at the highest standard.

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